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A little about us...

H.O.P.S. Dream, Inc. is a 501(c)3 incorporation under the IRS code that was created by former Professional Basketball Player and current Head Men's Basketball Coach, Bernard "B-Hop" Hopkins and his wife Jamila Hopkins.

H.O.P.S. Dream was created to do just what it stands for:

H-helping O-Other P-People S- Succeed! 

Although B-Hop, aka Coach Hop, has found great success on the basketball court, as a player and coach, his younger years as an inner city Baltimore kid was quite different. Coach Hop grew up in a single family home, often times he stayed with his grandmother. His family struggled to keep him in school and off of the streets of Baltimore. Mentorship, family support and sports aided in Coach Hop being athletically sound which led to an opportunity to play basketball for Coach Jim Brown at Hagerstown Community College. He landed a Division 1 scholarship to play at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) and from there went on to play professionally in the CBA and astonishingly 15 years in the ACB.

Jamila Hopkins passion for others started when she was a young girl. She would often use her creativity to put together skits, radio shows, modeled and she acted in local plays. She was a superb triathlete in high school with her focus being basketball. She participated as a debutant in multiple Cotillions and credits those experiences to her heart for the community. Her passion for helping others led to her starting a management company to assist local musicians. The management company grew to an entertainment company where she worked alongside various entertainers across the world. Through this experience, she recognized the need to mentor and teach social skills, life skills and etiquette and started a company to do just that. Her mentorship over the years partnered with her husband’s passion to make a difference in the lives of young men and woman and God's divine timing is how the two became one both literally and figuratively.


The Hopkins mission is integrated with an evidence based program that illuminates mentorship, social and life skills, etiquette, and financial literacy, just to name a few. The Dream is to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of each individual, their families and within the community through the various programs offered, such as this year’s Cotillion, the upcoming Beautillion, Basketball Camps, Celebrity Basketball Game and more....

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H.O.P.S. Dream, Inc.

201 Prospect Ave.

Suite 115

Hagerstown, MD 21742

Phone: 240-232-6118

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